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House Sutton-Dudley et de Bourbon - You are Welcome.

Earls of Clonard in Spain & Ireland  since c.1173









De Sutton's Flag (UK. & Ireland)

The Sutton-Dudleys of Clonard will never apostatize of their blood. 

Descendants of Lord John VI, De Sutton-Dudley :

Count de Clonard - Graf von Clonard. 


Lady Clonard


We pry for Peace




Our Lovely Cousin Elizabeth II



XXIX LORD CLONARD, in Eire and UK. -  Ancestry by masculine lineage.


We pry for Eire



God Save HM. The Queen !







HM. Queen Elizabeth I of England  and Her Husband  Lord Robert Dudley de Leicester. Parents of Lord Francis and Lord Robert, as shown below:



Genealogy or Sir Francis Bacon



H.M. Elizabeth I,

Click here to see the picture of "H.M. the Queen of England Elizabeth I -Tudor", Robert's  De Sutton (Dudley) SECRET Wife

Viscount St. Alban, c 1610 Tudor's & Sutton-Dudleys Genealogy

Earl of Leicester, c 1586

Look the images below:

"This is the evidence that both Earls belong to the same family"   

Sutton-Dudley's Branch Genealogy Sutton Dudley's et De Bourbon Genealogy : "De Clonard House" Irish-Spanish Branch.

Sutton Coat, 1750

Sutton-Dudley's Branch Genealogy (Lineage de Neuville)
Earl of Essex,, 1598

See: Sutton-Dudleys DNA Test;  Irish Branch called de Clonard.

DNA Sutton-Dudley

Earl of Clonard, 1974.

The true origins of a Sutton-Dudley, who is "The Pride of England" and called Lord Francis Bacon:

The Baconian Theory is real :

Please allow me to recommend you the book : « Last of the Tudors » by Lady Amelie Deventer Von Kunow, (1924)  Last of The Tudors, or The Baconian Theory




Sutton Dudleys de Clonard et de Bourbon Data Base:

Please search in our Ancestral Tree Geneanet File :

Surname        Name






New Clonard

DeSutton-Dudley et de Bourbon Heraldic-Ring.


The Authentic Parents of King Alphonse XII, a Sutton Dudley of Clonard by Masculine Lineage


HM. Queen Isabel II of Spain HM. King Alphonse XII of Spain Ray II - De Sutton, Lord Clonard


His Queen !

Mother Son Father



1822 - 1894

To the Memory of Count Ray Sutton de Clonard 
Great Honored Cross of St. Ferdinand III 
Marquess de la Granada. Absolute devotee of his Queen Isabel II

Father of His Majesty the King Alphonse XII.


                                                                                           Clonard  IX



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"The Faux Wisdom is the Worse Ignorance"

Many chapters of the Western Europe History have been crushed or misleading along centuries. However the truth is priceless, it can not be subject to a "purchasing or selling" merchandising concept; but rather to an "adding value"  in helping to escape of the darkness to any member of our "Human Community"  who loves Europe as his old  Homeland. 

We also know that criticisms are often hard to listen but most of the time are necessary as a part of our democracy principles. (W. Churchill)

Can I  to be assertive when we say that everything depends of our capacity in increasing our intellectual progress in investigating our own deepest roots inside our   "Caucasian-Jewish-Christian-Roman"  remote civilization?.

We are far to try to make fortunes with it, we feel just happy to spread our European Culture and our old traditions, in terms of History, Genealogy, Heraldry, Ethic and Philosophy all of them "free of charges". In fact and as one of us said: "Each individual is the sum of all his ancestry" ..... and remember please: "The truth will suffer but it will never perish"

The Earl of Clonard.

(Sutton-Dudley de Bourbon House)

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Go to Sutton's index - The Normans in Ireland.

The  Honor of  Clonard-Bourbon House

 Sutton's Roots by French Genealogists

Relationship Sutton's Houses France-Spain
The First Count de Clonard in Spain (1770)  Sutton's Roots - Official  Genealogy -  by the King of Arms (Ulster)
Our Ancestor Balderich Le Teuton de Neuville

William The Conqueror 

The Secret Life of  Our Queen Elizabeth I - Tudor


Our Genealogy: Ancestry and Relatives     By Surnames 
DNA. Certificate 2004: Sutton-Dudleys de Clonard in Spain.
The Tragic Life of HM. The Queen Isabel II (Sp. version)
Queen Isabel II of Spain descendants (1830-1904)
Lord Clonard IX, an Isabel II of Spain descendant
Family Remembrances Sutton-Bourbon
Our Specific Norman Ancestry - ("Le Teuton" War Name)
Biographies, Sutton-Dudley de Clonard House
Descendants Strange-Neville-Plantagenet: Sutton Lineage
Clonard House: "Notre lineage Heristal-Capet-Bourbon - Shortest Path"
His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I.
The Royal House of Spain, Today
Lord Clonard IX - Sutton de Bourbon IV in Spain
Welcome to our Infanta Leonor of Spain
First Immemorial Infantry Regiment of the King
De Bourbon House of Spain Genealogy: "Clonard Descendants"
D'Orléans House Genealogy: Descendants
De Sutton-Dudley House: Clonard Descendants in Spain
Sutton-Dudleys' DNA - Tests
DNA Effects: A Visual Approach
Descendants of Elizabeth II Windsor
Prince Charles  and John VI Sutton-Dudley
 Princess Diana of Wales and John VI Sutton-Dudley de Clonard
European Dynasties - Database
Relationship: President G. Washington and Suttons de Clonard
Jacobite Kings and Their Heirs
The Jacobite Kings: Their Biographies
Relationship: Queens Mary IV (Uk.) and Maria-Cristina of Spain
Welcome  to visitors - Sutton Dudley de Clonard House
Military drawings: General de Clonard Collection
Descendants of Balderich Le Teuton by Masculine Lineage
Tudor House - Sutton Dudleys
Bourbon House - Sutton Dudleys
Our Pedigree: "Anglo-Norman-Irish-Continental"
« Last of the Tudors : Book » 
Tree: De Sutton-Dudleys - England
Tree: Suttons de Clonard, Ireland
Tree: Suttons de Clonard , Spain
Tree: Suttons de Clonard, France
Tree: Sutton-Dudleys, Italy
Tree: Guijarro de Villafranqueza, Spain
Royal Genealogy: William I The Conqueror 
Royal  Genealogy: Charlemagne 
Royal Genealogy: The Merovingians - Suttons
Saint Ferdinand III de Castile - Sutton de Clonard
Saint Louis IX Capet - Sutton De Clonard
Strongbow de Clare - Sutton-Dudleys
El Cid Campeador : The Valiant Cid 
Tree: Langton - Sutton de Clonard 
Tree D'Alton, Shee, Fitzgerald, Grant, Walsh - Sutton Families

De Sutton alias Dudley Coat of Arms (UK: and Ireland)

Clonard Celtic Etymology

Irish and Celtic History 
Ireland's History in Maps
Chronological Chart: "History of Ireland"
Irish Music, Poems And Lyrics








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Family Tree DNA - Houston (Texas) in U.S.A..

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